The Intruder

An intruder breaks into a house at night. He searches the rooms, but finds nothing of real value. Until he enters the bedroom of the young woman who owns the appartment.

While he is going through her stuff, the intruder notices that he’s being watched. From that moment on, the whole situation changes dramatically.

‘The Intruder’ is a short novel in the series ‘Adult Stories’, written by Ed van Eeden, a Dutch writer.

“Ed van Eeden makes you feel as if you are there, while you face the sometimes horrific and always very outspoken scenes he puts into motion,” wrote one of the Dutch reviewers of his crime fiction.

The same goes for his erotic stories. And more!


At the point where he is almost at the head of the bed the woman moans in her sleep and adjusts herself. Fedor freezes his movements. Silently he waits until she’s fast asleep again. He’s not even twenty inches away from her. Her breathing is now as calm as it was a moment before when he finally squats down by the nightstand. It’s one of those old wooden kind, with a little door and a drawer. One of his hands holds the side of the stand while the other carefully opens the door.
The small door that is held in place by a little magnet makes a dull sound when opened. Fedor freezes again. He notices that something has changed in the breathing of the woman next to him. Slowly he turns his head in her direction. Then in the darkness, he sees the glistening of a pair of wide open eyes looking at him.
With a quick jump he is throws himself on top of her. Before she can scream, he shuts her up by pressing his hand onto her mouth. She struggles and tries to bite him, but he has already pulled his screw driver out of the holder of his belt and presses it threateningly against the side of her neck. Her resistance vanishes immediately. He presses her on the bed and sits right on top of her. His knees are holding her arms down.