The String Quartet

“Jesus, I’m horny,” said Felix. “I could fuck a string quartet.”
Shaking his head Robert looked at his friend. “You know that violinists are the biggest neurotics in the music industry right?”
Felix shrugged. “So what? I didn’t say I want to talk to them.”
The two men were standing next to the bar looking at the four girls that represented the interlude of a cultural evening. They were announced as ‘Le Paradis,’ a string quartet that consisted of conservatory students. All four were in their mid-twenties, guessed Felix, while they fine tuned their instruments. The audience in the cafe theater calmly kept on talking, but was listening with concentration when they started to play.
“You want another whiskey?” asked Robert. But Felix irritably shushed him to silence…
“Fine, your way,” said Robert, all insulted. “I won’t be bothering you anymore.” He grabbed his coat and his glass and pushed himself through the crowds back to the other side of the bar.
Felix didn’t even seem to notice. He could not take his eyes off the girls. That cellist looked a bit like Sonja, his ex. But then much younger of course. He was also charmed by the almost theatrical movements by which the violinist played her instrument, especially the way she kept shaking off a lock of her hair from her forehead. And that red haired, freckled girl with the violin also got a little something: with her audacious glance as she looked around the room and every time it seemed she let out a teeny smile.
The most beautiful, however was the frail violinist with the boyish, short hair that sat in the front. In the days before he started his little consulting firm, he had taught an evening course once in awhile. There was a similar kind of girl for whom he had hopelessly had fallen for. That she absolutely saw nothing in him didn’t really matter. The most important thing was that he had finally, finally had been in love again. In that same period, Sonja began to annoy him so much that he couldn’t even be around her anymore.
The violinist was absolutely gorgeous. That face with those high cheekbones and those expressive eyes. Her athletic figure. What he wouldn’t give for one night with a girl like her! Since he left Sonja, he had had a few fleeting relationships, but when it came to sex, he pretty much had to rely on his right hand. Those few times he went to a hooker didn’t really count, of course.
Felix sighed and looked around him. He wanted to make a comment to Robert about the four diligently playing girls in the rowdy cafe, but his friend was nowhere to be found. At the bar,he ordered a double whiskey.

‘The String Quartet’ is a short novel in the series ‘Adult Stories’, written by Ed van Eeden, a Dutch writer.

“Ed van Eeden makes you feel as if you are there, while you face the sometimes horrific and always very outspoken scenes he puts into motion,” wrote one of the Dutch reviewers of his crime fiction.

The same goes for his erotic stories. And more!